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15" Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule 15" Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule
"15 inch length, 0.22 inch thickness, aluminum arms and handles. Wt. 7.5 oz."

25" CharTube for Waterproof Charts 25" CharTube for Waterproof Charts
Clear, convenient, Waterproof Chartubes - the best way to store your Waterproof Charts! A tough, clear, and convenient way to organize and store up to 12 charts! Choose the 25" for Waterproof Charts, or the 42" for NOAA, NIMA, and POD charts.

Captain's Quick Guides: How to Read a Nautical Chart Captain's Quick Guides: How to Read a Nautical Chart
Your quick-reference, on-board guide to the symbology and shorthand notations used on nautical charts Nautical charts contain an incredible amount of information for those who know how to decipher them. But without a key to the symbology, a chart can be bewildering. Nigel Calder, one of today's most respected boating authors, helps you make sense complex system of signs, symbols, and graphic elements with this compact, waterproof, and nearly indestructible guide. About the Author Nigel Calder is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost nautical writers. A diesel mechanic for more than 25 years, he has also been a boatbuilder, cabinetmaker, and machinist. Calder is a frequent contributor to boating magazines in the United States and Britain and the author of several boating books

Coast Guard Kit Coast Guard Kit
"The five most popular items that the U.S. Coast Guard buys in one convenient kit. The kit contains: 1 each of the #176 Ultralight Divider/Compass - our most versatile divider/compass, #7291 15-Pack of Spare Leads for the Ultralight Divider/Compass, #120 W"

How to Read a Nautical Chart How to Read a Nautical Chart
A complete guide to the symbols, abbreviations and data found on nautical charts. Includes the complete text of Chart No. 1 plus much-expanded explanations of what all those symbols mean in real-life navigation situations.

LightRule LightRule
"Lights, Shapes and Maneuvering Signals for International Waters and U.S. Inland Waterways."

Nautical Slide Rule Nautical Slide Rule
"Gives immediate solution to all speed-time-distance problems. Equally applicable for nautical or statute miles. Speed in knots or m.p.h., time in hours, minutes, or seconds, and distance in nautical or statute miles (or yards if desired, and if speed is i"

"Navigation Aids, Rules of the Road and Maneuvering Signals for U.S. Inland Waterways"

Ultralight Divider Ultralight Divider
Our Most Popular Dividers These robustly built dividers weigh only 3 oz. and are heftier than standard size dividers. Made in Germany of a coated marine alloy to resist corrosion. Gear synchronized arms allow one-hand use and provide excellent point align
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