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The Commonwealth of Bahamas is a 700 island archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for its beautiful coral reefs and beaches, Bahamas is an explorer’s paradise. Encompassing 180,000 square miles of ocean space, the archipelago has a wide range of adventures for every traveler.

Among the richest countries in the American continent, second only to the United States and Canada, Bahamas builds its economy mostly from tourism and finance.

Originally the first landfall to be discovered by Columbus, Bahamas also became the most sought after hideout for pirates including the infamous Blackbeard.

Some islands to explore

Nassau: The capital city of Nassau is located on the island of New Providence. Nassau is also the place where two of Sean Connery Bond movies were filmed at the British Colonial Hotel. Filled with spectacular beaches and plenty for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, Nassau is every tourist’s dream destination.

Paradise Island: The other destination to head for in New Providence is the Paradise Island characterized by its turquoise blue and clear waters and stunning beaches. Dotted with casinos, fine dining restaurants with celebrity chefs and water parks, tourists are spoilt for choice here.

Bimini: Bimini is situated at the western tip of the island country and called the “gateway” to the Bahamas. Just 80 kilometers from Miami, there are three islands within Bimini. The vast spread of the ocean that surrounds the Bimini islands is popular world over for its big game fishing locations.

People who would love to catch some big games while cruising along the ocean would be greatly helped by accurate waterproof Bahamas navigation charts. It is easy to chart a boat from Miami or from islands of Bimini to enjoy big game fishing.

Viewing shipwrecks, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some of the popular activities around these islands. An accurate waterproof navigation chart with details of Bimini and West end navigation and northern Bahamas will be great assets.

Because most of the islands look similar, they can be confusing to a first-time sailor. Updated waterproof Bahamas navigation charts are a must have for first timers to explore the many islands of Bahamas.