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  • Florida Keys Chart Kit - Offshore Fish/Dive

Florida Keys Chart Kit – Offshore Fish/Dive


6F, 7F, 8F, 10F, 14F, and a Chart Tube.

Middle Keys Fishing Offshore Fish and Dive Chart 6F

Coverage from Upper Matecumbe Key west to Bahia Honda Key - offshore to the reef (60' curve), and approximately 4 miles into Florida Bay. Great detail of Marathon and Boot Key Harbor. Complete ICW and Hawk Channel Routes. 88 plotted GPS positions for reefs, wrecks, lights, fishing, and diving sites.

Lower Keys Offsore Fish and Dive Chart 7F

Coverage from the 7-Mile Bridge west to Boca Grande Key and Woman Key (10 miles west of Key West). Offshore to the Reef and north to The Content Keys and Turtlecrawl Bank. West Side is detailed coverage of Key West Area. 88 Plotted and Indexed GPS Positions for reefs, wrecks, lights, fishing. spearfishing and diving sites. No Florida Keys fishing trip is complete without this Lower Keys Fishing chart.

Marquesas Dry Tortugas Offshore Fish and Dive Chart 8F

Coverage from Sand Key and the Northwest Channel (west of Key West) west to Rebecca Shoal on the east side. Offshore inset on west side shows passage from Rebecca Shoal to the Dry Tortugas. Detailed coverage of the Dry Tortugas on the west side with blow up of Tortugas Harbor and Fort Jefferson.

Straits of Florida Offshore Fish and Dive Chart 10F

What Floridian doesn't own a boat, kayak, paddleboard, jet ski? Not many! For those of you that would rather be on the water than onshore, you need our Florida charts. This nautical map provides offshore coverage from Rebecca Shoal (west of Key West) to North of Key Largo.

Pennekamp Park - Islamorada Offshore Fish and Dive Chart 14F

This Pennekamp Park to Islamorada Fishing Chart has been completely redone in 2014 with coverage from Turkey Point in Biscayne Bay south to Lower Matecumbe Key. Detailed coverage also includes both Atlantic and Florida Bay sides of the Keys. Complete coverage of Card Sound, Barnes Sound and Blackwater Sound and Pennekamp Coral Reef Park.

25" CharTube for Waterproof Charts

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6F, 7F, 8F, 10F, 14F, and a Chart Tube.


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